Energy Performance Certificate

A Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document providing the information you need about how energy efficient your property is.

Rated on a scale of A to G, A being the most efficient your property can be, and G being the least efficient, the Energy Performance Certificate will also give you an indication of what you might expect to pay for your energy bills.

For homeowners and landlords alike, it’s one of the most important property certificates that you’ll need, as it will be required in the event that you want to sell, buy or let.

How much does an Energy Performance Certificate Cost?

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How to find an Energy Performance Certificate

To find your Energy Performance Certificate, or to find out whether your property has one, all you need to do is visit and search on your address. Where the EPC exists, you can download your copy for free.

How to get an Energy Performance Certificate

If your property doesn’t currently have an Energy Performance Certificate in place, you’ll need to arrange an Energy Assessment Survey. This involves an inspection of your property both internally and externally, and will tell you how energy efficient it is, as well as how energy efficient it could be if you made certain improvements.

The survey will take a look at a number of things, including:

  • Lighting.
  • Windows, rooves, walls and other insulation,
  • Fireplaces and heating systems (just another reason why a boiler service is crucial for maintaining energy efficient homes).
  • Solar panels if your property has them.
  • How big your property is and how old it is.

Once the assessment has taken place, your property will be given a rating between A and G. This rating will be recorded on your Energy Performance Certificate.

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Energy Performance Certificates – your duty as a landlord

It’s been mandatory for all properties in England and Wales to have an Energy Performance Certificate since 2008. Once you have this, you must provide a copy to your tenants, just as you should with the Gas Safety Certificate and the Energy Installation Condition Report.

Under the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (which came into force in 20187), any property you let to tenants must have an energy performance rating of E or above. This has applied to all tenancies, not just those that are new or being renewed, since 1 April 2020.

Your Energy Performance Certificate will remain valid for 10 years. However, there’s no legal requirement for you to renew it unless you choose to sell your property or let to new tenants.

There are various exemptions that apply to the prohibition on letting a property with an energy efficiency rating below E. If your property meets the criteria for any of the exemptions, you will be able to let it once you have registered the exemption on the PRS Exemptions Register. More information can be found here.

Make your carbon footprint energy efficient

Bear in mind that in the current climate, many tenants and homebuyers are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint, not to mention rising energy costs.

Whilst renewing your Energy Performance Certificate isn’t a legal requirement, it’s worth thinking about what the benefits of doing so might bring in the longer term.

Recommendations for energy efficient homes

When you get your Energy Performance Certificate, you’ll also be provided with recommendations for how you can run a more energy efficient house.

Suggested improvements may include:

  • Glazing for windows and draught-proofing.
  • Cavity wall and loft insulation.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Renewable energy technology – for example solar panels.
  • Investing in insulation for tanks and pipes.

Be aware!

If you’re found to be letting your property without a valid Energy Performance Certificate, you could be fined up to £5,000. You risk a fine of £500 if you fail to provide your tenants with a copy.

Need to check your property’s energy efficiency?